You are the kind of person who wants to improve the lives of others.

Often, we take for granted smaller contributors and recognize only those who can make the bigger gifts. But, you can take pride in your everyday actions.

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Every act of goodwill deserves to be recognized as philanthropy. We understand the value of each individual action you take that impacts another life!

We empower everyone to take pride in their own personal contribution.

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You can believe that what you do makes a difference. Call yourself a philanthropist, and start a ripple effect of generosity that boomerangs back to you.

You Are A Philanthropist Podcast

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In February 2021, I launched a podcast unlike any other podcast: interviewing philanthropists whose stories are not being told, who don’t get to share on a wide scale how their impact has made significant differences in our communities.

In the You Are A Philanthropist podcast, you’ll hear from men and women of all different backgrounds who are creating a nonprofit from scratch, raising thousands of dollars for charities every year, who have family volunteering goals, and who serve others through their careers as leaders in education and healthcare.

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