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You Are A Philanthropist seeks to inspire and encourage everyday people to make a difference in their communities. We believe all acts of kindness matter and are worthwhile even if there is no recognition or large donations.

Our goal is for everyone doing good in the world to be called a philanthropist. We believe this description is not just reserved for the wealthy. Everyone’s actions displaying their “love of mankind” entitle them to this title and distinction. We recognize that giving is the true meaning of finding happiness in life.

Founder Jenn Klein had an epiphany that after 10 years in nonprofits she could call herself a philanthropist. She spent her career in community organizing and education. She spent hours working at lower-than-average nonprofit salaries and overtime working for charitable causes. She realized that being a philanthropist was also about how we spend our time—and what sacrifices we make.

A Message From Our Founder

Hi! I’m Jenn Klein. I am a Certified Fundraising Executive with a passion to help people.

The lessons I have learned as a fundraiser are invaluable. They are tools I can use for the rest of my life to do good. The more they are disseminated, the more the seeds of good are sewn and grown in your communities. I hope you will join me on this journey to do good in our world.

According to The Corporation for National and Community Service, just 25 percent of Americans volunteer. By increasing volunteer time, we have a significant opportunity to improve our communities. We can change the world—both individually and collectively. We must not expect others to do the work.

We must not be discouraged that we don’t have millions to give. We must feel empowered that we can make a difference.

I want you to declare with me proudly, “I am a Philanthropist!”

True to my mission, I also volunteer for several nonprofits. My most notable accomplishment was as a founding nonprofit board member.

Fundraising and nonprofits are my passion! Can you tell I love fundraising?

Jenn’s favorite You Are A Philanthropist merchandise is the Women’s Mother Earth Love Tee. Her favorite You Are A Philanthropist podcast episode is with her dad in Episode 5: Philanthropist John R. Fisher, Public Servant for Children.

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