My Secret Email Account

I created an email account that has now received over 16,000 emails—and counting.

When I decided to create this website, I signed up for newsletters that inspired me, are within my industry, or whose content I enjoyed. Now, I have a searchable database that I can review with ideas. The email address is an inspirational message for me to keep me motivated: I want to do great things.

I receive newsletters from Marie Forleo, Arriana Huffington, Brene Brown, and Glennon Doyle. Mostly, great women who are making the world a better place in different ways. I ponder what messages I enjoy and connect with. I wonder how I can inspire, too. I came-up with this idea on my own. It’s my little secret–now exposed. I’m utilizing free content to push my own content forward. I don’t have to read a book. I don’t have to buy a product.

It’s all there. Waiting for me. Calling out for me to learn.

Every day multiple emails come in. I can’t read them all, but I skim and search. People inspire me. You inspire me. With the quarantine and social unrest, we must look for the good. It’s there. It’s always there. Good is not going away, thank God! Mainstream media enjoys click-bait to entice you with fear-based news. No thank you!

This email database teaches me about women’s rights, mental health balance, spiritual pursuits, and self improvement. I feed my soul through this content. I draw strength from learning more and digging deeper. I admit, there’s some mom blogs, too, because I am in the thick of it. My highest distinction is challenging, but rewarding. Progress can be slow and the work can be menial. Still, I know this pursuit is my highest calling.

I am so grateful the internet has made our voices accessible and connected.

I’ve learned there’s a lot of content out there. I even have friends and family who are producing it and pursuing their passions. Some of it is getting lost in the hubbub of content creation. I certainly don’t have as much time to review it all. This was never the goal. The goal was to feel like I had people who could motivate, inspire, and excite me. And, they have.

Yet, I haven’t yet found another newsletter or content creator talking about what I am talking about.

I haven’t found someone inspiring others to make a difference in our communities. The conversations are more about what I can be doing for myself—how I can improve, meditate, personally grow, and run a successful business. These are all important and noble pursuits, but I know that “Giving is Selfish.” And, that is the key to a good life. I enjoy mastering everyday pleasantries. I know that money doesn’t buy happiness.

Subscribe to my newsletter, even if it goes to your inspiring-message email account. Subscribe even if you don’t think you can “keep up” with my content. If you connect with some of my messaging, give me feedback about what you like.

We’re connected now.

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