Episode 28: Kevin Thai, Photographer for the Unemployed

In this episode, we talk to Kevin Thai. Kevin is a former teacher of international students who taught in Korea for five years, young father, and full-time professional photographer. Through his photography business, he has been taking headshots for the unemployed for the last three years. He is also active as a board member of his local YMCA and donates time to his neighborhood warming shelter. Listen to this inspiring message on how just getting started by donating 1-2 hours of your time a month can make a difference in the life of at least one person.

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Guest Bio

Executives, consultants, and corporate teams use Three Circles Studio when their first impression depends on their headshot. Over 200 5-star reviews speak to how this Boston studio creates an entertaining and collaborative environment with their clients, producing uniquely genuine and striking expressions. You can find Kevin Thai, founder and lead photographer, at threecirclesstudio.com. Snacks are included.

Show Notes

For more information, find Kevin on LinkedIn or go to his website.

For more information on obligation and generosity, go to Jenn’s blog post: Obligation: The Enemy of Generosity.


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