Episode 34: Tim Wilson, Fundraiser and Podcaster

In this episode, we talk with Tim Wilson. Tim is the inaugural Prospect Management and Research Manager at Weber State University. He is also a host of the philanthropy webcast, “People in Fundraising.” Tune in to hear more about why he loves his career in fundraising and what he’s learned through interviewing fundraisers.

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Guest Bio

Tim is the inaugural Prospect Management & Research Manager at Weber State University. He joined Weber State in 2021 from Intermountain Healthcare (IHC), which recruited Tim from his native Boston in 2018. At IHC, Tim led a team of researchers in healthcare philanthropy. Earlier, he spent 18 years in prospect development at Harvard Business School. Tim served from 2016 to 2018 on the Board of Directors of NEDRA, the largest regional chapter in Apra International. Tim has served as president of Apra’s Utah chapter and currently co-chairs Apra’s Online Content Committee.

In 2022, Tim launched the philanthropy webcast, “People in Fundraising,” which has featured 40 guests representing the breadth of roles, walks of life, and sectors of the nonprofit profession. New guests always welcome and encouraged! He is an alumnus of UMass-Amherst and earned a Master’s degree from Harvard University’s Extension School. He and his wife have four kids, whom he tries to indoctrinate with David Bowie, U2, Queen, and 60s folk rock music.

Show Notes

To reach Tim, you can find him on LinkedIn here. You can also go to his website, here.



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