Episode 23: Evy Amato, A Woman’s Guide

In this episode, we learn from the life lessons of Evy Amato. Evy is a spiritual alignment coach for women to reconnect with their truest selves so they can live a life on purpose. She is also a Board Certified Music Therapist, who helped people in hospice care for their end of life journey. We talk about how women need support in listening to their inner selves in order to both take care of themselves and others. Evy’s heart for supporting women and their spiritual care abounds. She invites us to listen to our intuition in order to lead a life of intention. This episode will guide you on your journey to your best self.

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Guest Info

Evy Amato is an alignment coach guiding females to reconnect with their truest selves so they can live life on purpose. Her 13 year career in healthcare reinforced her love of service and mentorship, as well as the perspective that life is a precious gift. Coaching others to awaken to their purpose and rise up to meet their potential is what inspires Evy the most. Using an inward approach anchored in self awareness, self worth, and self empowerment, Evy leads her clients through spiritually based techniques including meditation, breath work, transformational journaling, and manifesting.

Show Notes

Evy invites you to work with her inside her free community Facebook Group, Awake Her Soul. Here are some free resources for you to reconnect with your inner self, and tap into your divine unlimited potential: Wake Up Your Inner Self Journal Prompts – https://awake-her-soul.mykajabi.com/wake-up-your-inner-self-opt-in and Activating Abundance Meditation & Journal Guide – https://awake-her-soul.mykajabi.com/opt-in-abundance



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