Philanthropic Synergy: The Charity “Sweet Spot”

Philanthropic synergy occurs when an organization identifies a specific project that a donor is most passionate about.

Finding this “sweet spot” makes it easy to ask. It also makes obtaining a donation easy. It is a pleasure for both donor and fundraiser. When mutual interests align, the biggest impact is made to the organization. Philanthropic synergy is the opposite of giving in obligation.

Charity or Bribery?

The problem I am having is in reading this article about a wealthy individual challenging the general public to donate to a crowdfunding campaign raising funds for veteran’s charities. Now this in and of itself is wonderful, but the problem is the author is only a potential philanthropist because of an added stipulation of giving if Donald Trump releases his tax returns by October 19. This condition would never be used by professional fundraisers.

Our code of ethics don’t allow us to turn philanthropy into a form of bribery.

‘WeChat’ted: Raising Funds on Chinese Social Media

If you are doing any fundraising in China, or just beginning to fundraise in China, WeChat is one of your most important tools to building and cultivating relationships and soliciting and steward