Officially a CFRE!

It’s taken me 15 years to finally achieve my goal to be a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE). It took five months of studying from ten different text books. It’s by far the hardest exam I’ve ever studied for. Passing this exam has been the highlight during the global pandemic.

I chased my dreams and worked hard. I’ve had set backs and challenges, but I persevered. I’ve had a goal since I started my fundraising career in 2005 to obtain my CFRE.

Now, I’m considered one of the best in my field. It shows my commitment to the nonprofit sector. I’m in this field for the rest of my career!

This credential reinforces my commitment to charitable work. It reinforces that I can be called a philanthropist. It shows my passion for making the world a better place. I am a “lover of mankind.”

But, you don’t have to be a certified fundraiser to be a philanthropist. If you sign up for my newsletter, I’ll send you a list of 10 ways you can call yourself a philanthropist.

Because, it’s not just for the wealthy. “Everyday philanthropists” need to reclaim this distinction. All charity work should enable you to be called a philanthropist.

The Giving Pledge, a commitment by billionaires to give their assets to charity says they are inspired by everyday people that give generously and often sacrificially. You can often find Bill and Melinda Gates talking about what “we” have done.

They acknowledge that they can’t do this alone.

They need board members, volunteers, and staff, to carry out the work of their foundation’s goals and aspirations. Charities need donors of all sizes to give and make their missions possible.

Truly, philanthropy work is a team effort. Strengthening the nonprofit industry starts with teamwork—all working together.

I’m excited about the future of our industry. I’m excited to be a part of it. I believe nonprofits have a unique ability to bring transformational change to our world. But, we need to do more.

Change starts with you, with me; with us.

In what ways do you want to see change in the world? What charities are you most passionate about?

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