Stretched Too Thin

I don’t have the mental capacity to do all that it is I want to do. So, I must be patient. I must wait until the timing is right. I must accept what I can do today. Right now, all I can do is raise my two baby boys and deliver food to the food pantry six times a year. Even so, I have my neighbor as my back-up on days when I can’t even do that because of family vacations–or being 9 months pregnant and can’t haul 40 pounds of groceries in my car.

I wish I could do more. The world seems to press into me, calling out, “I need help!” I see you, there. I see you needing my help, but with each of my arms holding my boys on my hips I can’t do more. I can smile. I can wave. I can say, “I’ll see you soon.” I’m sorry. I can’t don’t more. I have a job to do. Mom.

I hope I can produce boys who will want to help you, too. I hope I can produce boys who can pass on my legacy of volunteerism and philanthropy. I will teach them. I will train them. This is my goal for today, and tomorrow, and for the near future.

To the world, I beg you, be patient. I am not ignoring you. You will always have need, but my boys won’t be young forever. And now, I must capture these moments with my camera in hand and my time that passes so quickly.

I’m on an extended maternity leave. It’s been two years since I have stayed home with my boys. I miss my career. I miss volunteering my extra time (that I don’t have any more). But, I can’t do it all. For you, reader, I give my advice to not stretch yourself too thin. If you are doing too much volunteerism, if you are working too many hours at work, or if you are trying to juggle more than one of these plus parenting–then cut back.

We are our best when we are balanced. I can’t work right now, but I can blog and read about fundraising. That’s how I stay up-to-date on my career. Dear world, be patient. I’ll be back.

Right now, I’m busy making the future a better place.


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