Episode 20: Howie Hutchison, HopeKids Colorado

In this episode, we talk with Howie Hutchison who is the Executive Director at HopeKids Colorado. HopeKids in a nonprofit started originally in Arizona to create community for families with a child with a life-threatening condition. Howie has a small staff, but a huge volunteer base. He loves the power of a team and seeing people passionate about helping the hundreds of families he serves. Not originally a fan of fundraising, he has learned to be an advocate for what he calls “activating generosity.” Howie has a personal upcoming 30-mile run/walk that you can follow him on social media to raise awareness of HopeKids on October 22. Follow his run and consider what you can do to support this great organization!

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Guest Info

Howie has spent the last 14 years serving the Denver community through his career in nonprofit. He has worked and served with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado and Goodwill Industries of Denver before helping launch HopeKids Colorado in February 2016.

Howie moved to Denver from Boston, MA where he attended Gordon College and graduated with a Business Administration degree. Howie is fueled by relationships and has always had a knack for connecting with people of all ages. Howie is inspired by the unique and powerful community that is created through the mission of HopeKids and strives to have a positive mindset in life where we celebrate our wins longer than we dwell on our losses.

Howie is all about spending as much time as possible with his wife Briana, daughter Adele, and son Felix. You’ll often find them enjoying all that Colorado has to offer from the majestic mountains to all around beautiful weather.

Show Notes

To make a contribution to HopeKids, go to their website here. To follow Howie on his run, find him on Instagram @hutchguy.



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