Episode 19: Ken Holderman, Serving Missionaries

In this episode, we talk with Ken Holderman who is a pastor to missionaries mainly in Latin America and the Canary Islands. He credits his wife for his focus on giving back to others as well as his faith in Jesus Christ. Ken and his wife, Becky, were missionaries in Venezuela and the Canary Islands. When they came home, they realized there was so much struggles with being a missionary. Not only was it hard economically, but it was hard emotionally due to the distance from a support system and cross-cultural differences. They are passionate about the mental health of the missionaries they serve through Globe International. Listen to this episode to learn how difficult it can be to live a life of service to others.

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Guest Info

Ken Holderman has lived and worked in Belgium, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, and Spain. He has been a missionary and spent years helping missionaries survive and thrive. He and his wife currently serve with Globe International giving emotional and spiritual support for Globe’s workers in Latin America and the world.

Show Notes

For more information or to support Ken and Becky Holderman, go to their website here.



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