Episode 25: Philanthropist Jenn Klein, Life Updates

Host Jenn Klein is excited to start a new season of the “You Are A Philanthropist” Podcast and shares what she’s been up to since the end of season 2.

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Host Bio

Jenn Klein is a self-proclaimed philanthropist, mother of two boys, Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE), Certified Health Coach and independent consultant with Arbonne International. She has committed her 15 years of fundraising experience and personal time to nonprofits that offer a variety of services. Her career has taken her throughout Asia several times, dining with billionaires, and raising millions of dollars. Personally, she role-models giving back to her two young boys through the creation of a community farm in her town, gathering cans several times a year from her neighbors, participating in her children’s schools, and more. To learn more about Jenn, go here.

Show Notes

For more information about Jenn’s career path, connect and follow her on LinkedIn. To signup for the book launch information, click here.


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