When Mommy Grows Up Podcast Guest

It’s been a journey of discovery over the past few years, starting in the fall of the pandemic.

At that time, after spending more time with my children, I realized I needed to get back on track with my self-care.

I stumbled upon an opportunity with Arbonne International, a Certified B Corporation that puts “people, planet, and purpose over profit”. Arbonne aligns with the values and allowed me to begin my journey of becoming a Certified Health Coach! For more information about Arbonne, click my link here for healthy living products you can enjoy in your every day life.

When I later studied at the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute to get my health coaching certificate, I depended my understanding of health and wellness. Dr. Sears teaches a holistic approach to healthy living through Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition (L.E.A.N).

An important component I identified with was a scientific term called the “Helpers High.”

Did you know helping others is proven to lower your blood pressure, help you live longer, have stronger mental health and social connections?

This is what I knew to be true in my own life and what I learned through being a fundraiser. It’s what I had been writing about on here and social media, but I just didn’t have a term for it.

I soon joined the Career Clarity Program to understand which direction I was headed in: health coaching or fundraising. It was through this program that I learned I could share about both and didn’t have to choose by discovering my niche of focusing on the Helpers High.

To learn more about how I wrote my book “Giving is Selfish“, tune into the podcast interview with my career coach Becca Carnahan. You can find it wherever you get your podcasts or here:

You can say I’ve been doing my own growing up alongside my young children!

You’ll discover in the podcast interview that one of the newest developments in my career is that I’m working on my certification in personal training and sports nutrition. I love to educate myself on all areas of health, which is part of “growing up” for me.

And, I want to share my knowledge with you! So, I developed a coaching program, which you can learn more about here.

This first time “Founders” rate is only available in 2023. Next year, the price will be raised. Join now if you’d like to be coached by me in all area’s of the Lifestyle, Attitude, Exercise, and Nutrition components I’m trained in.

Order now and get in at this rate before the holiday season starts and new year’s resolutions are made. Let’s get a jump start on your goals now!

In this program, we’ll talk all about the Helpers High, and much more.

If you love my book, then let me guide you on your health journey.

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