Episode 17: Marc Rosenblum, Running for a Cure

In this episode, we talk with Marc Rosenblum who has raised thousands of dollars running for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Marc is passionate about finding a cure for cancer. Running the Boston Marathon as a charity runner allows him to raise awareness of the good work of Dana-Farber and the urgency to support such a great charity. The impact his fundraising efforts are having on others and the legacy he realizes he is leaving as a result is invaluable. As he reflects on his 50th birthday this year, he’s made an aspirational goal to raise $50,000 by the start of the race on October 11th. Listen to this episode to help him reach his goal.

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Guest Info

Marc Rosenblum and his wife Belinda live in Littleton, MA. He fell in love with being philanthropic at a young age.  He is preparing to run his 9th Boston Marathon raising funds for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Marc is a father to 3 kids, Olivia 21, Seth 8 and Rebecca 6. 

Show Notes

Marc needs your help to raise $50,000 for Dana Farber by October 11. Click here to give.



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