Episode 18: Chris Gilbert, Fighting to Flourish

In this episode, we talk with Chris Gilbert who pursues his passion of helping others start their own health and beauty business. Chris inspires his team by working on himself relentlessly. He is a voracious reader, reflective, and focuses on having a growth mindset. He credits his wife, parents, and Jesus as inspiration for his career which brought him from a teacher, to a lacrosse coach, to a youth minister, and now serving his network marketing team as a husband-and-wife duo. Chris is honest that it’s a fight within all of us to chose to give. He believes if we all desired to give to others and acted on those desires then we would solve the worlds problems.

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Guest Info

Chris Gilbert and his wife Elizabeth own a health and beauty business with Arbonne International. Chris and Elizabeth are the parents of five children, whom they both homeschool.

Show Notes

If you’d like to learn more about Arbonne, go here.



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